Friday, 11 September 2009

Early morning walk in the forest

Can't you just smell that moist fresh mountain forest air?
The sun was hitting the fir tree behind this little guy. Made for a nice backdrop.

Outline of spider against bright sunny leaves in a dark forest.

Read the sign. I mean, it was low tide but um ....

On the way to the forest trail we passed some workers at a golf course playing with giant Lego. Now this is a job a few kids would love to have!

The golf course from my perspective.
And I am rally quite content to be behind the fence with my camera.

Enjoying absolutely fabulous weather here. You know, the warm sunny stuff we usually get in Saskatchewan but didn't this year.
For my best spider shot, visit My Life in 365 Days
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oh, and no baby yet.... we are trying not to talk about it. :) But Mom is looking and feeling fabulous.

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Kate said...

That lady is ALL baby! She's gorgeous! And that spider shot is wonderful but it did make me shiver a little. I can appreicate the beauty but it doesn't mean I have to like it! LOL