Monday, 7 September 2009

back to 2003..... Babies and weddings...

Allison up at Table Mountain learning to snowboard March 2003

Paul's 17th birthday, Jan 6 2003

Paul joins the reserves. It was a short lived experience, for which I am thankful.
Chalk it up to experience. Jan 2003

I am waiting patiently for the phone call but so far no baby.
So to pass the time I have started the 2003 album. Oh I feel so far behind....

Not done the wedding album yet.
Thankful for a whole day to scrapbook today - yup the WHOLE Day! I was up at 6am!
SIX pages.

Here it is again - the opening page of my grandchild's first album.....

Today is Labour day - has anybody told the child this?????

And one more weddding page made with real glue and paper...

Bride's Arrival
Love this photos of the back of Allison's dress as we scurry to get her out of sight and into the back door of the church - such fun!

And as if my days weren't full enough, I have started another blog - My Life in 365 Days. I wanted to challenge myself and hopefully improve my photography skills so I am taking a picture every day for 365 days. Go check it out and leave a comment.
No lurkers... :)


Allie said...

We told the baby it was Labour Day, but he didn't listen!

Better luck tomorrow?... :)

Julie Cortens said...

Well maybe he will arrive Wed evening and we can be there to see him (and photograph him) when he is brand new!