Friday, 5 October 2012

Plimouth Plantation

If you ever travel to Plymouth then it is highly advised that you take in the Plimouth (spelled with the i ) Plantation - all of it. We were told it could take almost 2 hours. We were there almost four. We so enjoyed our interactions with the actors in period costume and character that at times we thought we were in some kind of time warp and we had opportunity to really talk to the Pilgrims in 1627. They were very knowledgable and had the role down pat right to the accents and words of the time. We really enjoyed our afternoon there - a highlight of the trip.

Another fogged in day - perfect for capturing the moments. Soft lighting was coming from the windows and fire (ie NO artificial lights) and made the indoor photography perfect. I was shooting at a 6400 ISO - feeling thankful for my full frame 5D Mk II because not a lot of cameras could handle the low light and flash would completely ruin the feel.  I took over a hundred photos and they are all keepers but  here are 14 of them.

Now, imagine it is 1627. You are part of a new colony of pilgrims. Maybe you came on the Mayflower, or perhaps you came later with the children. Your journey was likely over 100 days in the hold of a ship. Now you live with a group of people in a fenced in community, working your garden to feed your family, hoping that you can maintain the peace with the local Indians and avoid disease and sickness. Your faith is an intrigal part of every aspect of your daily life. You are trusting completely in the God's will for you and your family and hoping that this new life will grant you true freedom of religion and escape from persecution.

 Thanks everyone for your comments on the past few posts, facebook and emails and for letting me share my photos with you. Much appreciated!


Peter Paul said...

great pics! love it.

Angie said...

Fabulous photos Julie. Looking at your photos just makes me want to go to these places.

Original Inspirations said...

Like Angie said! Wow.

Julie Cortens said...

awe, thanks everyone! Your kind comments are much appreciated.