Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yorkton Saskatchewan Wedding

Well, Springside actually but close enough. The place was oozing good ole country hospitality and friends and family were having a great time celebratin' Celeste and Fred's weddin' day. A beautiful couple in every way. It was a real blessing to be part of the days festivities.  

And what a party it was! Yes sir the day was filled with "celebratory activities of feasting (a pig on a spit), imbibing-not me I was on the job ;) , honky-tonkin, hootenannies and shenanigans"

"More fun then you could shake a snake at" 

And yes, I saw a real snake and I am happy to report I did not scream - and it was a big one. :)
...well as big as harmless prairie garter snakes get .....

I'm thinkin' this is one wedding album that needs a brown leather cover.
What d'ya think?

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