Saturday, 6 September 2008

Well "Seasoned" Chef

Ralna did it again. Sometimes I just get bogged down with a page because it lacks a theme or idea or message. I just can't find the right words for the title. I guess that is why I was a Science major and not an English major. Here I had a picture of Mark in November 2001 out on the back deck in the SNOW in his SHORTS and his winter BOOTS - cooking our burgers on the BBQ.

Mark loves to BBQ no matter what the season....but I was stuck on a title. Winter BBQ er, Hot burgers in the cold, yes, well these were not going to work. I pop the pictures out at work and ask Ralna....two seconds - that is all she had to think and came up with "Well Seasoned BBQ/chef" and pulled out the paper with all the seasoning stuff on it. A great play on the word "season"
How does she do it?

Paper Loft, Flair Designs and Basic Grey along with some of that super cool mesh, thickers, MM sticker letters, Creative Cafe rub-on letters (oh I need MORE of these), scenic route star - for my star bbq'er, heidi swapp clock cause he times the meat perfectly and my signo uniball white gel pen that I would never be without. I added some journalling on the right side after I scanned it - reads.

Mark, I love how you love to BBQ. No matter what the "season" you are willing to get out there and cook.

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Cheryl said...

I think I need to take some of my pages or pics to Ralna, that is always my downfall, thinking of a "catchy" caption for the pics.