Monday, 29 September 2008

Saskatoon rush hour

You know what they can be anywhere in Saskatoon in 20 minutes. EXCEPT if there is a three car pile up on the Collage street bridge. I hung around work an extra hour when I heard about the mishap this past Friday afternoon and then took an alternate round-about route home. I took this photos on the way to my car. I guess CTV was monitoring all the traffic tie-ups in our little and growing city.

Just wait until our first blizzard of the season!

Anyone out there take a little longer to get anywhere on Friday rush hour? I heard there were several traffic mishaps and all in rather busy, congested parts of the city. I do hope they were all fender benders only and no one was hurt.

Love the brilliant colour in this balloon - I think I would love to go up in one of these and get some great aerial shots...but then, I thought I would love my helicopter ride in Hawaii and we all know what happened there.
A photographer with Meniers - how disheartening. :) sigh...

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