Saturday, 20 September 2008

Recent adventures and places we visited.

I slept in today - so, sorry for not keeping my promise to blog first thing this morning. I love you guys , but hey I don't often get to sleep in and actually feel like sleeping in. No sooner was I out of bed and we were off on an hour and 30 minute walk - okay - we stopped after 45 min for coffee and muffins and then continued. Come on we're in our fifties! Too windy for the bikes - wind and up hills are not really appreciated by us.

I haven't slept in for ....years? Yup didn't get out of bed until 8:45am this morning. Probably because I did something I never do - stayed up until almost midnight last night watching "Matilda" with Allison and Sammy - very cute movie. The young and in love didn't seem to mind Mom hanging out with them in the family room. No popcorn though!

Last Saturday was David's birthday and , well the only picture I have of him is of him putting the bikes back on the bicycle rack.

Yes we bought a bicycle rack for the car because we were getting a tad bored of the sites that were within a 40 min bicycle ride of our home. So we decided this would make our bike riding so much more exciting.

Okay the Victoria St bridge is not all that exciting but it is pretty and old and I am sure it holds lots of stories...we just don't know them.

It was a perfect morning for a bike ride - although a short one - I had to get to work at noon at JSI. But the sun was shining and not too warm. We checked out a few bridges and Broadway before heading home.

I like the glimpse of the Bess under the bridge here.

Two weeks ago we went for a walk with the camera. I have been working on preparing unique backgrounds for some PowerPoint slides for hymns at church.

You got to love a husband who will carry your camera bag AND stand there on a busy corner smiling at the curious onlookers while his wife lies on the lawn of the church on the corner in various weird positions to take photos from every angle possible.

The sky was perfect that evening and I got the shot I wanted.

Then on the way home I got this sun set. There have been several good sunsets of late. The skies have been rich with colour.

As well as the bike ride and work last Saturday David and got all gussied up to celebrate his birthday. We had a date at Truffle's Bistro and Pattisserie.

So pleased to find that Saskatoon has some incredible chefs! I do hope they stay! Cause we are a steak and potato kind of province.
If you live in the Saskatoon area Truffle's is a place to visit, often.

The portions by Saskatchewan standards (which I have issue with - steak and potato?) are certainly sufficient. Many might feel for the price they are too small. But it is not about a plate heaped with potatoes - it is about cuisine, quality, freshness and presentation. If you are looking to fill your belly for $20, this is not the place for you - try the all you can eat buffets. If however you want to taste true Saskatchewan fare, exquisitely prepared then check out Truffles.

I knew the meals were going to be a spectacular I brought the camera and had the macro lens ready to go.... but to not disturb anyone, I did not use a flash. And as much as we enjoyed the romantic lighting, it made for a very slow shutter speed and some color casts.

Smoked salmon appetizer. I don't think this is Saskatchewan fare...but everything else was. :)

I had the Northern Pike with wild Saskatchewan mushrooms
and wonderfully done fresh organic vegetables.
The fish was done perfectly - tender as can be but cooked through.

Saskatchewan wild rice.

What can I say - this disappeared in seconds. For dessert, we shared a piece of Japonaise torte-
Jorge our waiter recommended it - delectable.

A nice light white wine I would recommend - very smooth...amazing how a whole bottle can just disappear over wonderful food and your lover across the table from you....
Villa Teresa: (Organic) Pinot Grigio, Italy 2006

We will be back for our anniversary in October...if not sooner.

Let me know if you have eaten at Truffles....


Mrs Manz said...

We went there last year to celebrate my convocation and also the 20-week marker with the pregnancy. You're so right... it was amazing! Can't remember exactly what we had (over a year ago) but I know that it was wonderful. :)

April D said...

Have never ate there and with two young kids...probably won't anytime, but it looked nummy! That desert looked to die for!