Friday, 5 September 2008

Doing nothing number 3

The sunset Saturday night was kinda pretty - although it was still cold and windy.
That is the two of us enjoying the view....and each other.

You cannot visit Waskesiu without stopping in at Pete's Pizza.
We think it is the best pizza in the province.
Busy and fun place and Pete is always good for a laugh or two.

..and sometimes dear husband uses the camera too.

Okay - a macro shot - does anyone know what it is a picture of?
Not too hard really. If I offer a prize for the first right answer will I get a flood of guesses?
The things that motivate the lurkers.... okay let me think what I have to give away around here that is brand new and won't cost an arm and a leg to ship.

Andy Rooney quote of the day....

Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

I hope you all have a hand to hold and heart to understand.


Angie said...

Your picture looks like a drink of some sort...something bubbly :)
I love the picture of the two of you with the sunset...beautiful. Did someone take that pic for you, or did you put your camera on a timer?

April D said...

love that sunset photo...beautiful...I think that picture is of a wedge of lime in a drink of some kind.

Angie said...

I would say the lime looking thing is an ice cube

Original Inspirations said...

A beverage with lime! I see some people beat me to this. Love the sunset pic. Did you use the timer on the camera, or have someone take it for you?

Julie said...

aha - you guys are good - you are right about the lime....but what is the beverage?

I have a remote trigger for my camera - I just point it at the camera and I have 2 sec to turn around before the shutter goes off.
Very handy! If I had this 10 years ago there would be a lot more pictures of me. haha

Anonymous said...



Julie said...

Close Stephanie - but no cigar.
More guesses?

I am looking for a prize to send the winner.

Cheryl L. said...

Gin and tonic perhaps? Cheryl L.

Julie said...

LOL ah yes, what would a gin and tonic be without a lime.
Getting closer you guys! But it is not a gin and tonic.
Last hint - look at some of the other pictures.

Cheryl L said...

Hmmmm, pizza and ....... beer. that must be it and everyone who has been to Mexico knows that you put a lime in Corona!!!! Cheryl

Julie said...

YES!! We have a winner! OLE! Way to go Cheryl - such detective work! You got it with the pizza hint. Check out my next post - I will put up two photos of prizes to choose from. Let me know which one you would like and I can mail it to you or leave it at JSI for you.
haha - that was kind of fun.

Cheryl said...

I actually thought of beer first, but the liquid didn't look gold enough to me but then once you tossed out the "look at the other pics" hint, I just knew what it had to be, and no need for a prize, it was fun guessing!