Tuesday, 23 September 2008

20,000 visits and another new Blog??

Hey I hit 20,000 visits today.... and yes I have removed my own IP address from my counter (for you computer techies) since that would push my numbers astronomically and erroneously high. Which makes one wonder why we use these counter since it is so easy to cheat with them....but I digress. My 20,000th visitor came from Toronto via a link from Just Scrap It. And he/she has visited my site 70 times. So yeah! to Toronto and scrapbookers (or not) out east who visit us out here in the west. Glad to know that you like to see what is going on in my little world.

Speaking of stuff going on in my little world, have you noticed my link just to the left there on a new Blog I started. (Eagle eyes Theresa did - thanks for your comment Theresa!)

Since I haven't been able to loose these nasty 10 pounds in my old age here and since I have NO time to exercise, I decided to embrace food rather than fight it.

Although we don't do this too often, David and I quite enjoy eating out at nice restaurants. Could it be that for 24 years we NEVER ate out? Yeah, I am justifying here and with good cause. I paid my dues with meal budgets for 24 years.

I also quite enjoy taking pictures of food. I know this sounds a little crazy, but if you had my very cool and very effective macro lens, you would want to use it on small stuff life food too. When I have grandchildren you will see all their tiny fingernails... but until then I know you will enjoy close up shots of sushi. Okay - french pastries?

Sooooo I decided to write a couple of reviews on recent restaurants we have been to ....and then I discovered that the name "Fine Dining Saskatoon" had not been taken by blogspot...so hey why not start a new Blog? Like I have time. But why does that matter?

THIS blog however is so much fun...I mean think of it. I HAVE to go out to a nice restaurant so I have something to blog about, right? David is agreeing all the way (He is the guy who has 20 pounds to loose and never did embrace dieting - ever!) Seriously, he thinks this is great and is waiting for the gift certificates to come rolling in from restaurants begging for a great review from me. In the meantime he feels it is very important to get this blog up and running with lots of reviews. I couldn't agree more.

Now it will not be worthwhile if it doesn't have readership, so head on over there and take a look - MOTIVATE me to go out for some fine dining in Saskatoon. If you have a restaurant you really want a review on - well leave a comment and I will HAVE to get out there and get all the goods on that restaurant. Fine Dining folks - remember that. Ponderosa is not fine dining. La Bamba isn't quite either...but it does fit the fun, interesting and new to Saskatoon category.

Here it is.... Fine Dining Saskatoon

Looking forward to hearing from you all. :)

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Sheryl said...

I LOVE food Julie. This is going to be a tasty blog to follow:). For my new blog go ahead and use pictures. The challenge is to use a word that means something to you and design a page anyway you want to showcase that word. Thanks for playing along.