Monday, 22 September 2008

around town...some more

Agriculture bldg at the University of Saskatchewan.
After work Tuesday David and I went for a bike ride around campus.
What a beautiful building - I love the glass.
....I wonder what their heating bill is in winter. hehehhe

Last Sunday evening we set out to for a walk
(of sorts...we stopped way too often for my photos to call it anything remotely close to exercise).
Our friend Ken joined us. We have walked with Ken a few times but this was the first time I had my camera in tow.... Ken may never walk with us again.

In the photo above, a boat was passing by - shutter speed was at 1.5 seconds.
That is the full moon you are seeing there.

A little more exposure in this shot. What a beautiful bridge.
Full moon is obscured by the clouds.

Collage St bridge with full moon.

..and another sunset taken this past Thursday evening while out on a little after supper ride.

Get out and ride, walk, run - because the snow will be here soon and then we can't ride or run anymore - just walk!...and blog of course.

Okay all you scrapbookers I bought one of each paper of the new line of Fancy Pants Happy Holidays Christmas Paper - I LOVE it! I had put all the Christmas stuff away, but ...well...who could resist. So I am doing Christmas 2007 photos - what a treat!!!
Hopeful to have four layouts up soon - my Mojo isn't quite back, but it's coming.



kristen said...

Very gorgeous photos Julie!!!!

Cheryl said...


Cheryl said...

To answer your question on my blog, I am hoping to get a Canon EOS 40D. I have a friend that has one and he just loves it. It is more camera that I need right now but I am hoping to grow it into it and learn on it.

Julie Cortens said...

The Canon 40D is a pretty nice camera and you can do some serious photography with it. I spent an hour at Don's this morning checking out my next dream camera - Olympus E3. It has some pretty nice features - one being super fast auto focus. Holiday? Camera? Holiday? Camera? wedding! sigh....

April D said...

Wow! Those photos of the bridge are amazingly beautiful. I have to learn how to be able to adjust things like shutter speed and such on my camera especially now that I am trying to do it as a pt job on the side...I just need to find a class I guess, cause it is amazing what you can do when you know all those little tricks.

Julie Cortens said...

No tricks April - just using the digital SLR the way it was meant to be used. Always shoot in manual and you will learn fast enough.
Check out:
Understanding F-stop and then shutter speed will help you understand exposure.
When you have this one down pat let me know and I will give you another link.
There you just got your first class and it was free. Homework assignment? Shoot five pictures in manual settings. Learn to always watch your light meter reading.
hehe - once a homeschool Mom always a homeschool Mom.