Sunday, 7 September 2008

We have a winner!

Cheryl guessed it right - That macro shot picture two posts ago - it is a lime in a Corona. What else do you have with pizza? It certainly wasn't coke - although April got the lime right off the get go and Stephanie guessed well with the lime in a 7-up.
Way to go Cheryl!

Here are some more obvious photos of the same bottle.

So Cheryl you can pick one of these prizes I happened to have unopened in the house just waiting for the right person.

The Zig two way glue...

or this short book from one of my favorite authors, John Piper.

Send me an e-mail Cheryl and let me know which one you would like and if you want me to mail it out or leave it at JSI.
Thanks everyone! That was fun - if I had a corporation sponsoring me, I would do this all the time.

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April D said...

So, just get JSI to sponsor ROFL