Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Christmas 2007 Tis the Season for love and joy!

I love the new Fancy Pants Christmas paper and the new glitter stickers. All lovely products that will make your pages come together beautifully in no time at all. I also used some Christmas rub ons from daisyd.

This page is a lesson on how to get nine photos on one page. heheh Christmas morning at our house - kind of orderly chaos with a lot of laughs and hugs.

Christmas Eve we played Cranium - what a fun game for teams. We had a "Jolly Good Time"

I know an odd assortment of photos, but they all have special meaning for us - especially Dad's famous potatoes. As a matter of fact, they are soo famous that I ask him to make them ALL the time. I think he should come up with a few more specialties that he can make ALL the time.... don't ya think? Heck... if he gets really good he can....just make supper. Do you think he'll catch on? Good thing he doesn't read this blog.......

And speaking of well trained..those are my kids doing the dishes. Am I smart or what??!!
The cinnamon buns are mine, thank you! (okay I took them out of the freezer to rise the night before but I got them out of the oven in time!) The mini quiche's are courtesy of M&M's - my favorite place at Christmas when I work up until 4 pm on Christmas eve. And I hate to say it - but they are darn close to being as good as my home made quiches....close I said! Just a few minor complaints Christmas morning that I can certainly get over (very quickly)

Allison looked at these pages and said "Oh I love Christmas. I can't wait for it to be Christmas again" That from an eighteen year old. Could it be all those stockings stuffed with goodies lined up in a row? ...we must all be very, very good! ..or perhaps there are two Santa's aound here working three jobs?

Christmas - Tis the Season for love and joy! Creating memories of special family times. That is why we scrap book right? I love it!


Cheryl said...

you always do such a good job of fitting your photos onto your pages, I am always impressed. I was at Don's Photo today to check out a Canon but they have to order one in from another store so it will be a couple of days. I am so excited because my DH said go ahead and just get it so I am going to before he changes his mind! LOL

Julie Cortens said...

YEAH!! Don't you love generous husbands? Good thing I am the budget keeper in this family because if I weren't we would be in BIG trouble. He just can't say no to me. Okay - he said no to the $15,000.00 destination wedding idea for our daughter. haha.
Cheryl you are going to LOVE that camera - let me know when you have it - I can send you some great links to sites that are really helpful in teaching you all about focal length, white balance and exposure and ISO and all that fun stuff. I was at Don's from 8:50am until about 9:45...did I miss you?

Cheryl said...

yep, I didn't get there until after my Costco visit. to get dogfood, huh, didn't know dogfood could cost $100!! LOL I have to limit my visits there.

Anonymous said...

great new pages julie!!!