Thursday, 4 September 2008

Doing Nothing...continued.

peaceful hikes


Mama letting me know that was close enough!

Saturday was VERY windy. I slowed the shutter speed down to catch the water sprays - but that meant overexposure - so I had to Photoshop this photo. Had I used my tripod the background would have been clearer. But it was neat to watch the water smashing into the breakwater.

About this moment David told me that I was plenty close enough!
It's a zoom lens!
That's what it's for!

Andy Rooney quote of the day...

No one is perfect, until you fall in love with them.

haha I like this one.

More pics tomorrow!


April D said...

love these ones too. Where did you get to be able to capture the wildlife so good? Great photos as usual

Julie said...

The deer were at the side of the road. We stopped on the opposite side of the road and I quietly and slowly walked over. The elk was on the Waskesieu golf course.
And both photos were helped by using my zoon lens. If I had a telephoto lens you would be getting pictures of the whites of their eyes. haha