Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Doing Nothing!

David and I got away this weekend. Very last minute we booked a teeny cabin up at Waskesiu. And it was very teeny and very last minute. Spur of the moment, unplanned, spontaneous! Love it. You get to do this when the kids are grown and independent.

Friday at 4 am before work, I woke up and put all the food together in the fridge, threw a bunch of clothes on the bed and put the camera equip together (most important part). By the time I got home from work dear husband had got home ahead of me and had it all ready to go - bikes in the car along with a bag, cooler and camera equip (even did a little bit of grocery shopping for snacks) and we were on the hwy - along with everybody else, trying to get out a town. But that was okay - we were heading off to do nothing and it was wonderful.

It was a feat just getting out of the city - but as I kept reminding dear husband - this was a weekend of NO PLANNING! We sleep when we want, eat when we want, walk and bike when we want - nothing planned. In between we read. So it didn't matter when we arrived.

And so it was. I don't think I have slept so much in one weekend in years! The air was cool and fresh, the bike rides and hikes rejuvenating and exhausting and the coffee on a very cold morning tasted especially fine even if it was decaf. Thankful for my heavy fuzzy socks to wear. Thankful for down time, nothing time. No Internet, no scrapbooking supplies, no phone and no TV. Just each other to be distracted by. :) Yes you read that right! Sometimes we need to leave those scrapbooking supplies behind.

Here are some of the weekends photos in no particular order - just the ones that captured the special time away for us.....

...playing through....heads up! Just another golf hazard.
Loose two strokes if you hit the elk!
No this is not David - we didn't golf - just watched a little.

hiked a little...

snacked a little...

photographed a lot!

relaxed much!

read whenever....

I will post more pictures tomorrow - I have lots more wildlife and a few fun shots.

Andy Rooney quote of the day...
"When you're in love, it shows"

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