Friday, 19 September 2008

Still here...

Very busy week and I am super tired - heading to bed early tonight. I see lots of visitors to the web site this week and no posts - so sorry. It has been a work, sleep, work, sleep kind of week....yawning as I type. Nothing a good nights sleep won't fix. I promise to be up really early to post before dear husband pushes me out the door on our Saturday am early bike ride. The coffee shop opens at 8am!

I have some super cool photos of the full moon over the College St bridge from a walk with my sweetheart and our good friend Ken last Sunday night. And last Saturday was David's birthday and we went to Truffles for supper - wow! I will do a review of that wonderful restaurant along with photos. Ya - I take my macro lens (and all the other lenses just in case) with me when we go out for supper. Truffles is not just for great food - each serving is a work of art! What a wonderful husband I have. He takes me out for supper and also offers to carry my big camera bag....cause it really does not match my shoes and evening get up!

I have some pics of the Victoria st bridge from a Sat am bike ride. Hmmm it seems bridges were the target this week.

So stay tuned! I will try to post early tomorrow morning before I head full tilt into the day.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

Blessings to you all!


Cheryl said...

Bridges must have been on the menu, my daughter and granddaughter went for a walk with me yesterday so I could take some autumn pics, of.......the Bridges and riverbank!! It's so pretty right now.

Liz said...

I was wondering where you had gone, I always get great inspiration from your pages, glad you're back

Julie said...

Hi Cheryl, and welcome to the bolgosphere! Everyone - check out Cheryl's Blog
Thanks Liz - you need to get a blog up too so we can see your work. I haven't done a page in a week - very unusual for me...but I do have a few laid out on the dest and as soon as the mojo hits me I will get at them. Kind of enjoying vegging right now - something I seldom do without a whole bunch of guilt....although we walked 1 hr and 30 minutes this morning. (with a 45 min stop in the middle for coffee and a muffin). ..and no camera on my back.

Liz said...

tsk tsk, you haven't done a page in a week.... I haven't done a page since the last crop in the spring!!!! - that is why I must get into the fall crop - you guys in saskatoon are my only inspiration! Have made a lot of card though and now have my gift certificate I won from JSI to spend while I'm there!!!

Julie said...

Liz - are you signed up for the Oct 18 weekend fall crop? There might still be a spot if you aren't. It is going to be a blast of a weekend - the make and takes are really cool and we are going to party fiesta style - call Sharon at the store today and get registered! the Margaretta machine is on it's way!