Wednesday, 13 August 2008

point guard

I have no idea what a point guard is but my daughter tells me that is what she was in grade 12. I am thankful - she could have been a whole lot of other things, but she was top student, involved in drama, sports and everything else and she was a "point guard". She is playing a beautiful piece on the piano for her fiance as I type here. Brag, brag, brag! (I am blogging this Sat nite with a time stamp for Wednesday morning ~ so no, my daughter does not play the piano on weekday mornings - nor is her fiance here at that time. - confused?)

There is new MOXIE paper in at the store and it is all great, but the sports stuff is sooo classy!
So I treated myself - not only to the new paper, but to a photo from 2006. YUP! This is NOT a page from 2001 and what fun it was to scrapbook a 5X7 instead of a dark, tealy 4x6 from 2001. Yes, life is good. Time for another holiday so I can be diverted from the old photos. :)

The basketball is from some very cool paper by The Paper Company which even feels like a basketball (like I would know! I don't know what a point guard is or does). A good ole Sticko and some Thickers letter and 'thar she goes'!

You have to come into the store and see this Moxie stuff and stock up.....before the new Basic Grey arrives. hehehehehe


Cheryl L said...

Quit being an enabler will you? I have a file drawer full of paper and a stack on my table about 4 inches high of more paper. I don't think I can add anymore until I use some of it up. Or give it away to make room!! I really love your pages, they appeal to me so much more than alot of the collage ones that I see in the magazines that I peruse.

kristen said...

you've had some very crisp and bold lines lately in your posted pages. I'm seeing a change in your style...interesting. I like!

Sharon said...

Love what you did with the page. The patterned paper is perfect and you did magic with the basketball and extending the wave. Love the page.

Julie said...

No, no Cheryl I am an encourager, an encourager. haha Glad you are inspired by my pages - thanks!

Kris - that boldness you are seeing is a lot of black or white cardstock - I love the clean lines of it and it is makes for very fast and uncluttered pages when you have say 12-14 pictures to put on them. I have done this lots in the past

Liz Rempel said...

Hmm, it seems everyone has overlooked something - did you say playing the piano for her fiancé??? This must be new news, I don't remember seeing anything on your blog about this before. Congratulations seem to be in order. When is the big day?

Julie said...

Oh Liz, you are good! I wondered if anyone would pick up on that!

Yup my baby is getting married and to a fine young man. The date is next May 16th although we have yet to secure a place and all that so it might change a little if we don't get that done soon and get our date.
The photographer is booked - some things are just a priority you know!

Anonymous said...

how about a picture of the happy couple.

Julie said...

Will do with that photo of the couple - hmmm which one.... coming soon.