Monday, 18 August 2008

Photoshop templates

Came across something really fun and different for those of you who use Photoshop. Scrapbooks Etc has come out with Series 100 and Series 200 in photo collage templates. The 100 Series are a number of easy-to-use photo collages in a square format. The 200 Series are photo collages in a rectangle format (8.5x11”).

They download very quickly and are a great way to use a variety of photos together in one place. The instructions are on the same page as the download. They can be downloaded and printed off - but pretty easy.

Here is my very first attempt using several photos from David's conference in Jasper last June.

And below. the page I made with it.

Kind of fun! I think I will have to try this again. Journalling down the left side reads...

Jasper Park Lodge June 7-11/08

Financial Executives International conference

Long drive – stop at IKEA

It is cccold up here! Hail? Snow?

Out for Sushi at Oka’s -very good!

Incredible scenery – everywhere!

Meetings, meetings, meetings – poor David.

Golf game - $90 sweater – looks good though!

Spouses tours – Maligne Lake, Maligne canyon.

Great photos


"please turn on the heat in our room!”

Lots of people – romantic dinner for 200!

Gondola to Whistler peak to see the clouds.

Very HOT pool!


kristen said...

very cool.

Liz Rempel said...

I downloaded these templates too and I have yet to use them I still have to learn how to use photoshop, but I am taking a digital scrapbooking class in the fall so hopefully that will help. I see a lot of possibilies with these templates to use up lots of vacation photos at once.

Julie said...

Oh a digital scrapbooking class should be fun Liz. And I am betting you will learn a lot about Photoshop in it. Now, get a blog going so we can see what you learn and how you use these templates! :)