Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Giving Thanks

Are ya gettin' a little tired of Creative Cafe? I have lost count of the # of pages I have done with this line - but it is really working well with my summer/fall pictures from 2001. There seems to be a lot of teal and burgundy in these photos -not sure if it was the old camera I was using or just coincidence - the result is that Creative Cafe colors work beautifully.
Add all those embellishments that coordinate and well... I have got a lot of pages done in a short period of time.

All Creative Cafe except for the new mesh and some Prima leaves from the stash.

Carpe Diem!


Angie said...

I'm not tired of that line yet. In fact, I really quite like it. You just prove that there are endless possibilities with that line.

April D said...

can't tire of creative cafe!!! no way. funny thing is I saw your page before I had a chance to read the write up and recognized it and told myself that I was going to comment and say something like "boy you must really like that creative cafe line" but then you spoiled the fun for me and mentioned it yourself...lol great stuff as usual

Julie said...

After about 16 pages I am starting to tire of the Creative Cafe a wee bit. But that does not mean I don't still love this line. I will use it again - just need a bit of a break from it. Ah...like Basic Grey - remember? And when those new lines arrive we will be crazy about them for a season. But the Creative Cafe lines are unique in that they offer everything needed and coordinated to do a quick beautiful page...and when you are working on 1000 photos from the year 2001...well they sure do make things move along quickly.
Bottom line - I guess I love it all!