Saturday, 9 August 2008

Just Listening

This is page number 43 for the year 2001 album - I didn't think there were that many photos - but I was wrong I guess! sigh - I still have a stack of photos about an inch think to get done before I call this album complete.

Simple picture - two guys on the swings at the beach...but they are special guys. I used the new mesh that just came into JSI - great stuff in several colours and very easy to use.

Journalling reads...

Harold and Blair are two of the most unpretentious, shy, quiet, definitely 'not in your face' kind of people. You won't hear much from either of them, although I am sure they have much to say because they are observers of the world. They watch, say little, think - there is a humbleness about them. I wonder what they are thinking when confronted by those who feel the need to just talk.

So, it was kind of nice to catch this picture of the two of them on the swings talking. Two shy, quiet listeners... talking (listening) to each other.

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