Friday, 15 August 2008

The couple - as requested

Allison and Sam

love this shot from the lake last summer. Okay, okay this is not what you had in mind when you asked for pictures of the couple - but I love this shot.

Allison's Graduation last year. Sam is a basketball player.
Oh ...and a theology student and an apprentice electrician. Allison is in education at U of S.


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a lovely couple. Isn't he a handsome guy for your wonderful daughter. How lucky you are. I wish them every happiness - you must be very excited about planning a wedding.

Cheryl L. said...

What beautiful couple, Julie. Although I do think that your budget for city venues is alittle optimistic, I do know that it can be done. It depends alot on what your daughter's wedding dreams are and how many people you are willing to feed at the reception. I am sooooo thankful that my daughters both have simple tastes and believe that less is more. I have been to some fairly splashy weddings and to some quite simple elegant ones. We had a great time planning and shopping and I wish the same for you and your daughter. It is such a great experience, one I wouldn't trade for anything. Next up is the grandbaby, I so enjoy her, she is just tooooo cute. Is your email address on your blog somewhere, I could send you the best photo ever of her! She is really the reason i want a new camera (don't tell my husband that, he thinks it's to take scenery and stuff like that!!!)