Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A Day in our Life

August has been a crazy month...similar to June, hmm and July come to think of it. Both David and I have been crazy busy with work (me with holiday coverage) working two jobs and David being short staffed at work and traveling for work and doing stuff like sitting on a tarmac in a plane for four hours in Washington DC before it was cleared for takeoff. I won't share all the miserable details with you(like toilets overflowing on the plane!) but I do not understand how airlines can charge what they do and then put you through that. And I won't share the stress of my job suffice to say it is in a very stressed health care system.

The bottom line is the two of us just wanted to get in the car and drive somewhere - anywhere! Get out a town!! Tried to book a get away up at Waskesieu and tried a few other places, but they were all taken. So we just took the day on Saturday to mosey around town and get in a little exercise.

A pictorial of our day...because I rarely go anywhere without my camera bag.

The morning started with a long bike ride that ended at our favorite coffee shop Intermission Coffee House on Central Ave in Sutherland. We ordered the usual.

Below is Rob, who owns the place and makes sure the cosy chairs by the window are unoccupied when we arrive. Well he does his best...

We biked home after our sugar/fat overload (actually we always share this delightful treat - it is all part of the experience - sharing that is), showered and headed out the door to walk along the river and check out the new River Landing.

There was some jazzy local entertainment....

little ones...and not so little ones playing in the water park.

and all the while we did an ad campaign for Novozymes - think again! And the shirt was NOT free. The things we do for the company. :) just kidding - it is a great company to work for....if you don't mind sitting on the tarmac.....

Lounged by the rivers edge absorbing some summer. Oh man have I been at a desk all summer??

And then decided it was time to eat again. Prairie Fare at River Landing makes a darn good home made hamburger and they have some wonderful ice cream flavors to choose from too.

We continued our walk only to find that our plan to walk to the farmers market was foiled by construction - so we opted to drive around. I didn't take any pictures there - not sure why. But we did pick up some of our favourite East Indian spices from Premala's - If you have ever had Chili bites at our house? They start with a batter from Premala! And then come her dips -whoa! hot and spicy!

Off to the new mall south of town to buy a few items (not telling where) and check out the King size beds at the new Sleep Country store - that was fun - I almost fell asleep - MAN! mattresses are expensive!!

After our snooze at Sleep Country we headed home and into the kitchen to put together a very tasty curry chicken supper for the two of us and sit on the deck and enjoy what is left of the summer.

Cheaper than getting in the car and getting out of town, but I still feel like I need a break - like I just want to be out of town and enjoy some quiet.
Next I will post some photos of this Saturdays bike ride along the river - the closest we have got to getting out of town this summer - it was quiet and peaceful though sweaty and short lived.

Got any local get away ideas for us?


Angie said...

Sorry, have no ideas for you, but I would love to get away myself just to relax after our busy summer. Have you picked up the new BG paper from JSI yet? I'm excited to see what you are going to do with it.

Julie said...

Yup! It is a few feet from me as I type. But I have a couple of pages on the go - one being photos of our cat Mitsy in 2001 and some cute new cat paper also came in with the Basic Grey order yesterday. So I will use it soon - maybe on the weekend.