Friday, 8 August 2008

Classy Guy!

....just be yourself

Paul always has been himself and it has always been something I have been so proud of. Here he is dressed in his Sunday best - because sometimes it is a good idea to make an effort to dress well on a Sunday. People seem to only dress up for weddings in this province and even then it is iffy. So we have encouraged our children to take pride in how they present themselves and to not be swayed by the trends.
Even if we are up at Emerald Lake for a few baptisms, and climbing on the swings, Paul looks and is classy! He has always had a "professionalism" about him. Studious in his school work, focused, goal oriented and yet a fun kid who loves his music. It can't all be in the genes - I must have done something right! :)

He has now graduated from Commerce (who'd a thunk!) has his own business at age 24 and is married to the most perfect gal in the world that I love as one of my own. God is good!


Allie said...

And he's only 22, not 24! :)

Julie said...

OOPS! Is he only 22? - almost 23? That is way too young to be celebrating your second wedding anniversary! Hope you two did something special on that day!