Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Olympic Gymnast

I haven't been watching the Olympics too much, USA and China are kind of walking away with it all, but this video really is incredible. I mean, you have to watch this guy on the uneven bars - absolutely amazing! THIS makes the Olympics worth watching for me!

Let me hear your votes - is this guy good? or what! ouch! And I am going to bet that a lot of you watched it twice - now come on, fess up - did you watch it twice?


Original Inspirations said...

Funny, funny, funny. No, I didn't watch it twice. But you know, for the act, it was talented - si true!

Angie said...

that was seriously on the olympics? what was the story behind it? SO FUNNY it twice..and he was good too

Julie said...

I watched it four times - and laughed every time! The things that amuse me!