Sunday, 3 August 2008

Love my kids!

My computer is fixed - completely revamped actually. It was not well at all -running like a geriatric, getting stuck, complaining with every click of the mouse. It was threatening to just quit, whining with every new program opened "I can't do this anymore, I am confused, I am overheating, don't make my CPU work so hard"

I had offered to fly Paul home to fix it - I was just waiting for a West Jet seat sale.

On Wed night (well actually very early Thursday morning) the phone rang. It was a very familiar voice which melted my heart to hear... "Hi Mom, Can you unlock the front door?"

Paul and Allie had driven a third of the way across Canada to surprise us! WOW.

For the next two days as I worked (and Allie got bored), Paul spent countless hours in my computer room revamping my whole computer. Cleaned everything off. Reinstalled my operating system and then reinstalled all my programs with some updated version (I am kind of liking Firefox... so sorry explorer).

Oh how sweet - everything is running soooo smoothly - I had forgotten how it was supposed to be. And fast? Look out! This computer is ready for any marathon or 100 yd dash! Fit as a fiddle I say! Too bad I have full time + hrs for the next two weeks!

So thank you , you love birds - for the wonderful surprise, for the fabulous supper you both prepared on Thursday and for making my computer so slick!
Love you both!

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