Thursday, 21 August 2008

Carpe Diem!

I have some words of encouragement I want to share with all you wonderful people out there but since 98.643 % of you who visit this site do not comment ( I know, I know, it's nice to be in the majority) ....well, I do hope this does not offend you. The 2% who do comment ( I love you guys) I am pretty sure can handle this. So I am doing as I was told and passing this on to all the good women in my life - that's YOU!

Warning...this post has a swear word in it.
Move on right now if you are sensitive to these nasty words.

To Powerful Women everywhere...

Live your life

in such a way

that when your feet

hit the floor in the morning,

Satan shudders

and says,



I do hope this post leaves you empowered as a women to get out there and carpe diem!! Right Corinne? Carpe Diem! ladies.




Original Inspirations said...

Love it! The power of women.

Cheryl L said...

Great words Julie. Love them!!

Sheryl said...

Love it Julie!

Angie said...

Love it too

Julie said...

Indeed the power of women...or so we like to believe. My favorite quote is from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

"The head of the house is the man, but the woman is the neck....and she can turn the head any way she wants." LOL!

LOL - Actually I do believe in the man being the head of the household and carrying on the responsibilities that go with that role - and I am thankful to let him do just that and support him. That being said, I know every good man who takes this role seriously is sooo appreciative of a wife that is willing to take on all that needs doing to make it run smoothly. It's a symbiotic relationship - as my DH calls it.