Friday, 1 May 2009

Intermission Coffee House

A favorite stop on my way to work is at Intermission Coffee House on Central Ave in Sutherland. It is also David's and my place to relax and read the paper on Saturday mornings.

I like Tim's too but I am a great proponent of supporting the independent merchant and besides I hate waiting for 15 minutes in a lineup for my coffee - in fact I REFUSE to do that!!

Rob's coffee at Intermission house is really good. It is a great place to hang with the community or just find a comfy chair and surf the internet. And it is a place where I just open the door and Rob is getting my large vanilla bean decaf ready before I get to the till.
And it just got better!

These are coffee beans - fresh ones - never roasted. They look just like peanuts. They come in in all sorts of lovely creamy shades. I took these pics at Intermission House last week.

Then you roast them to perfection!

and they look like this. Oozing with rich flavour

.....then you brew them up and mmmmmm

And serve them with Sheri's (Rob's wife) delicious cinnamon buns

Rob now has one of only three coffee roasters to be found in Saskatoon. So if you like freshly roasted coffee beans, then get him to roast some for you to take home or to just try a mug of it.

If you are there at about 8 am on a Saturday morning then we will see you!

Have a blessed weekend everyone. David and I are cleaning out the basement tomorrow - a day long job. I will be putting up a few items on kijiji.
An upright piano (smaller size), an antiques desk from a Wpg law office - solid oak, large, five drawers, 100 yrs old, and a 5 ft metal table in excellent condition. Let me know if you are interested. Maybe a bedroom suite too if one of the kids doesn't claim it very soon.



Angie said...

that cinnamon bun looks yummy!! too bad I don't drink coffee, or get up anywhere close to 8am unless its a school morning, lol..otherwise I'd join your for coffee Have fun with the cleaning tomorrow

Cheryl said...

Looks pretty yummy, Julie. Maybe some day I will meet you there, sans hubby though, he doesn't get up that early unless he has to, he is the night owl! I don't even want to think about my basement! so I am off to scrap the day away!