Friday, 29 May 2009

Montreal shopping....

THIS is Simons on the corner of St Catherines and Mansfield and it is just the beginnings of


And it just kept going and going and mall attached to another dept store attached to another mall...I mean, wow!!!

I bought two pairs of summer sandals and a funky lime green purse - nothing over $50...I was very reasonable.... It was down right cheap after the $200 purse I spied in a boutique in Old Montreal yesterday.
Heading back to the hotel in the rain prompted us to give the underground experience a try. Much faster and dryer... Downtown Montreal is where thousands upon thousands of people spend their days at either work or school. It is home to three? four? universities, one of them being McGill. At the end of the day these poeple/students move en mass and they do so quickly. If you are not alert you can get swept up in the flow and find yourself on the subway...just kidding. But it was quite an experience to see the crowds of people purposefully moving through this undergound city to their Via Train, the metro... stopping along the way in one of the boutiques or shops or picking up fresh bread or vegitables at one of the markets - ALL underground.

Our tour guide told us he lives an hour an a half by car outside of Montreal downtown and yet does not own a car. The metro takes him everywhere. And in winter he need not take winter clothing because he can do it all underground. It is an incredible and efficient system of transportation and all along these routes and between the stations are stores of every kind.

Very neat!

It is raining here - a lot!

But I hear you are enjoying the sun back home. Yeah!

Home tomorrow.


Original Inspirations said...

Looks like a great get-away so far. How fun.

So, did you find a bible after all. Strange they didn't have one in the room.

Julie Cortens said...

No I didn't Thelma, and was too shy to ask at the desk. However I had Piper (Don't waste your life) to read and honestly we were up and out the door by 7:30 am every day, back to the hotel at 4 pm for a 30 min snooze after miles of walking, a shower and off to the evening events. I slept soundly and had little time to read. It was a busy time but oh the sights and food of Montreal were wonderful.