Thursday, 28 May 2009

Montreal.... Fantastique!!

Wow! This is an incredible city and the people of Montreal know how to eat. I can't believe all the delicious food! I went on a food tasting tour of Old Montreal on Wed - all day - we ate and drank our way through Old Montreal until 2 pm and then were treated to a wine tasting event - FIVE ice wines followed this gastronomical event along with thee desserts.
What a day. So much for spin classes in the past two months. Damage done!
I have a ton of photos and can't wait to share them with you. Here are just a few from Wednesdays tour.

How many ways can you package Quebec Maple Syrup and how many ways can you prepare fabulous food with it. Well, a whole stores worth.

Apple Ice wine - we sampled five different vasrieties.

What a spectacular interior after a rather drab exterior. it was very dark in there - which make the incredible lighting even more impressive. However it made for an ISO of 1000 and a shutter speed of about 1/20 or less and I don't have the most steady hands. I may have to go back and take the tripod. Check Spelling

If you win the lottery you might want to stay here at Hotel St James. Celine Dion likely does if she is in town....or maybe with reletives. Very expensive - tour guide said the most exclusiive hotel in Quebec.

And you know what? After all this fabulous food and the history and architecture and two great days of tours...... I miss home.
Yah, nothing like your own bed, your own, bathroom and even your own kitchen..... David has been in meetings 90 % of our waking hours and our evenings are spent place like home.
I have enough photos already for a great Montreal coffee table book and there will be plenty of fodder for scrap booking pages.... when I don't know.
So after months of putting together a wedding and then having all the kids home and then packing up and taking off for Quebec.... well I am looking forward to some boredom and routine.
...but first just a little shopping in Montreal.... I mean I have to at least find a funky new purse.
And regarding photos, I also took 2 Gb of photos of Old Montreal, the biosphere, botanical gardens, Montreal from the St Lawrence on a cruise and more photos of these wonderful old streets. But I haven't uploaded them to the laptop yet - perhaps tomorrow morning.
I am tired after another full day of being a tourists!


Ralna Nordstrom @ Just Scrap It! said...

I did a 1 month exchange program in Montreal in grade 11. In fact I spent my 16th birthday there and it's one of my favorite cities, even in February. I loved it, and long to return. The shopping was amazing, Sainte Catherine Street, the metro, the culture, the french men, oh my! I'll have to dig out my pages. I didn't take nearly enough pictures way back then, but they sure do bring back fond memories of golden times.

Julie Cortens said...

It is indeed an incredible city and culture and I would love a month to get to know Montreal and the people who live here. A fun place..and the food...oh my! St Catherine - a shopping paradise. We are heading there for the whole afternoon today!
Yesteray I got a glimpse of the undergound world here in Montreal -you can take the Metro to so many places and never have to set foot outside.And the underground malls too... oh my.
Yeah... very neat to capture it!