Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A wonderful Day

No, not another wedding. THIS day is wonderful because I am doing nothing!! Nada, zippo, ultimate laziness. I have NO responsibilities today - just a supper (Shake N Bake chicken) to prepare and some odds and ends to do - but it is a very relaxing day and I am loving it!

It started out with my sweetheart and me going to the gym for a fun workout together. We each do our own thing but now and then I distract him... (big smile) ... especially when he is lifting weights! hehe

Then we showered (no coed showers at World Gym  - darn!!) and off for coffee (and shared cinnamon bun) at our favorite spot - Intermission House. Picked up my new bike at Bruces on Central on the way home. I will post on that great purchase in a few days. We came home, puttered around, tidied the den and folded some laundry, made some cookies....and then the four guys all left to go to a movie. 

That left Allie and me at home. With Allie on the piano playing some lovely hymns, I decided what better opportunity than to scrapbook some pictures of my garden from June 2002. 

So I did. 
....and now I am going to indulge in an afternoon nap so I can stay up late and play Liars Dice, Origins and Mad Gab with all my kids tonight while we snack on fun goodies. 

Stay-at-home holidays with lots of food and plenty of board games really make for wonderful family time. 


Original Inspirations said...

Julie - speaking of gardens - have you seen this yet? OMG - I so want most of these!

Glad to hear the wedding went off well and looking forward to seeing more photos.


Julie Cortens said...

Yes Thelma, I got my e-mail from Prima a few days ago and they are absolutely beautiful! I too want a few of them...okay all of I don't have enough flowers already! I wonder when they will arrive at JSI!