Thursday, 21 May 2009

Wild Alligator

I finally got my alligator photos on a page. I took these in South Carolina last fall. Last evening I just happened across the perfect paper while organizing the scrap book room and the page fell together. Wow - got two pages done yesterday...It feels like I haven't done a scrap book page in over a month what with wedding stuff and all.
Journalling reads....
I did not want to leave South Carolina without a photo of an alligator and the bigger and meaner the better. But after 6 days - no alligator. Then as we crossed the foot bridge at Middleton Plantation and I spotted him just yards away - a big 7 ft alligator. 
I quickly changed to my zoom lens and started clicking away. He didn't I moved in closer.... and closer until David gave me the stern "that's far enough!!". Got him!

I read the journalling to David and he said "I still have nightmares about an alligator chasing after you!" ... "No, wait, that's ME chasing you hahaha" 

funny guy!


Cheryl said...

love the page Julie. Amazing that you happened across the right paper for it, sometimes that just happens, lucky you. I am still waiting for my mojo to return, I even rearranged my paper and cardstock in hopes of that happening, no luck yet.

Julie Cortens said...

When that happens I head to the internet and peruse all the beautiful pages out there and when I see one that I like, I save it to a file on my computer. When I am stuck I just go though all those favorites until the right one hits me.
Having the paper organized does help...reminds me of what stuff I had - you know that fabulous paper you bought 6 months ago and never used. I reorganize often and discover all sorts of inspiring items.
Hope the mojo returns soon...if not get out with the camera and create inspiration!