Thursday, 14 May 2009

My day

This was today's to do list and I got through all the important stuff. 

Gym?? likely not

cut Harold's hair

Mark's bedroom ready

Paul and Allie bedroom ready

basement bathroom cleaned

be home for wedding cake delivery -pay 

Florist #1 - drop off ribbon and pay bill

Florist #2 - give boutonniere and corsage count and pay bill

Pick up table cloths at Canadian Linen

pick up glasses and pay at Party World

pick up steamed wedding dress

final fitting and pick up for my dress

oil change for Mazda

Costco run for easy food for all these people

Mark home for supper.

It all went smoothly... except the fitting at Brides and Belles. My wedding advice?? They have nice stuff there but do NOT go for the alterations. They messed up on my dress twice -  and still insisted on charging me. I am hoping my seamstress neighbor can help me out. Linda, my neighbor, did all Allison's wedding dress alterations and they are PERFECT. 

I elected to let Brides and Bells do my dress alterations - mistake!! You live, you learn. I had no energy or time to argue with them. sigh....

BUT, my brilliant red/pink toe nails look fabulous!!

AND I found the most gorgeous jewelry at Crush on 2nd Ave north almost at 33rd - they have such cool stuff!! We got something for the bride too - that was a fun Wednesday - first we visited La Senza and then we bought our jewelry - gave the VISA another workout!

Tonight I got to hug Mark after his drive through a winter storm in Northern Manitoba and tomorrow I get to hug Paul and Allie who arrive from Victoria. 

The wedding cake is gorgeous!!! Sorry no pictures yet. 

Still haven't got the bubbly for the toast...sigh again.

I am off to make tomorrow's to do list. Good news is that we can set up at the reception hall anytime tomorrow so I will be over their early to make sure all goes well. 


Kate said...

Julie girl, seriously you are my blogging inspiration. A blog post the Thursday before your daughter's wedding?! YOU ROCK!!! Have a blast!

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Kate and BTW this is the day of the wedding and it is 7 am. Just on the computer e-mailing Melina re locations etc. But seriously, this is my therapy! haha