Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers! I hope you have a special day with those you love, celebrating the joys of being a mom....
I think there is no better calling! 

By next Friday, Lord willing,  I will have all my children home and am so looking forward to this. By Saturday afternoon our numbers will grow as we add Sammy to the ranks. 

No, I am not loosing a daughter but gaining a son. We hope to spend some fun time together the following week. There will be eight of us! 

Now on to last nights wedding shower.....

Hopefully the groom does not visit his mother-in-laws blog... at least until after the wedding, but I did want to share with you some of the fun we had last night. 

A lingerie shower is really just a lot of fun and it is of the utmost importance that there be no males remotely close to the happenings. Wine, women, cake and lingerie make for lot of laughter and a few stories....

The mousse cakes were a hit!

My neighbor Linda's mother made 8 of these beauties to decorate the church with next Saturday. They also decorated the front door and dining room for the shower last night. I am so thankful for her talent and willingness to help me out! 

There was some pretty hot stuff tonight! Kendal said that she thought Sammy should write the thank you notes! I couldn't agree more! 

There are gerber daisies everywhere around here! And it is kinda pretty. It'll all be over... (and just beginning for two love birds)... in one week.


Laurie Bearce said...

Julie! Happy Mother's Day! So cool that you're adding a son into the mix..congrats! Tell me you did NOT make those cakes yourself! Beautiful! Enjoy the wedding festivities..

Julie Cortens said...

I did NOT make those cakes. One day I might have but this time they were from Costco, yummy, easy and beautiful! The fruit tray, vegy tray and salsa were also from Costco. The decor was my own....stuff we will be using for the wedding next Saturday which at this moment is filling the living room and dining room.
Happy Mothers Day to you too!

Kate said...

Happy Mother's Day, Julie! I can't believe your daughter is getting married! Have a wonderful week!!!