Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Argggggg - No time for this!!!

I am sick - lungs full of stuff and coughing like crazy - gives me a head ache. Even left work early today - I NEVER take sick time.  But not until I had done a lot of coughing and hand shaking - had a meeting. Not good!

Failing miserably at proper coughing technique - into your arm? 

Nope! As much as I have good intentions and know the proper cough etiquette, when that tickle in my chest takes over and I just got a cough, it is into my hand. it is just the automatic reaction. I am working on it though. sort of.... using LOTS of isogel at work. 

Warning: Don't shake hands with me!

Up to my eyeballs in wedding prep (10 days!!)and a shower on Saturday - AT MY HOUSE!! It will NOT be a Martha Stewart shower by any stretch....but hopefully Costco cheesecake will cover any inadequacies. There is a mini list attached to that shower. Hmmm that is two days away..and I have to work the next two days....It will likely involve a trip to Michael's, the LC (cause girls just want to have fun! plus that too will hide any inadequacies) and the Costco run - when this will all happen I am not sure, likely after work, cough, cough! or on lunch cough, cough...or Saturday morning? cough, cough.
So no scrapbooking for a while. A looong while me thinks. 

If you are so inclined, prayer for health and a peaceful mind would be appreciated. This momentary affliction shall pass and one day I will gleefully be scrapbooking shower and wedding photos. 


Laurie Bearce said...

I am praying for quick healing.

Cheryl said...

OH Julie, hope you are feeling better soon, you have alot on your plate right now!! Good luck with everything, I am sure no one will notice any inadequacies, they will be concentrating on congratulating the new bride to be!!! Take care of yourself and get better!!

Julie Cortens said...

Thank you ladies.I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I came home sick from work again today. I think I can do it and then peter out as the afternoon starts. Just not shaking this whole thing and this is so unlike me - I am a Mom. I NEVER get sick!! But I know this too shall pass and things will somehow get done or not.

Original Inspirations said...

Julie, get well soon. Real soon.

Original Inspirations said...

Julie - hope you are feeling better today. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day.


Julie Cortens said...

Thank you Thelma!
I woke up early this am feeling not too bad. I feel like I am on the mend and am coughing much less. So either is it solidly in there and turning to pneumonia or my body is fighting this infection. Hopefully the latter. 16 hrs of sleep does wonders. Now a very busy day to get through. Thank you for your prayers. I am being wonderfully sustained through this and am thankful!
I plan to sleep all day tomorrow.