Sunday, 31 May 2009

Montreal photos

We are home... and tired. Doing my best to stay awake...been up since 2 am Saskatoon time but did manage a 30 min snooze this afternoon. Trying to stay busy and awake here. Laundry is done, lawn is cut, groceries bought and in the fridge and we are both ready for a good nights sleep before we head back to work tomorrow. Life is good and we are blessed.

Sure is quiet around here. :)

I have put all my Montreal photos up on Picassa and have a slide show just to the right if you want to see them. If you click on the slide show you can go to the album in Picassa and then see larger versions of the photos. Please leave a comment if you like a particular photo. Thanks!

We had a wonderful time - of course I got to see way more than David who saw the interior of the Hilton Bonaventure most of the time. While he listened to business speakers and presidents of BIG companies forecast the economy, I was able to hear two wonderful tour guides share their knowledge of the people, history and culinary bests of Montreal. What an incredible city. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Montreal - do it! Stay downtown and walk the streets for hours. 

But as great as Montreal was, it is always good to be home and I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. 

I have a few scrap book pages that were on my desk and hopefully tomorrow evening after work I can scan them and put them up on the blog. 

Hey is Saskatoon ever green. Looked like you all had wonderful weather while I was gone. It rained every day in Montreal except Saturday, however the rain held back every time we had to be outside - so no complaints. And overcast skies make for great shots of buildings - no shadows.

But it is so good to see leaves on the trees. We used the BBQ tonight. Speaking of which, did you know that the word barbeque is a french work meaning in the mouth and out the ...... Used to refer to the roasting of a pig. So if you say you plan to BBQ tonight you are planning to skewer a pig from one end to the other. hehe

The things we learn.....

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