Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Ah, Montreal...c'est bon

Your luggage has arrived.....but which one is it in???? Toronto airport.

St Lawrence Seaway - first time I have ever seen it and hope to get down to the waterfront tomorrow.

Long day. I tried to watch Shopaholic on the flight to Toronto but got 30 min in and lost reception. Drat!
Bought a Mac mag, photography mag and "More" mag - glamor for us old ladies. Not sure where they find all these old, tall, skinny models, but there is no way I can wear those halter tops - not after nursing 4 kids. But after reading a few articles in the mag I have discovered that looking drop dead gorgeous at 50 is all about attitude. ...yeah right!
Anyways I have lots of easy magazine reading and I also brought John Pipers "Don't Waste Your Life" - great book. I decided not to pack my Bible , which I read daily, because I wanted to save room (for all that Montreal shoppping) and we ALL know that every hotel room has an NIV Bible in it. But not in Montreal!! Eight drawers and no Bible. I will ask the front desk tomorrow where they are hiding all the Gideons.
Westjet crew were hilarious as usual.... "Thank you all for loading so quickly. We are 20 min ahead of schedule and that means we are 20 min closer to poutine!"
"Please ensure you seat belt is securely fastened around your lips...er hips..."
"Please ensure all luggage is safely stowed under the seat in front of you. Ladies please ensure your purse is also stowed and matches your shoes. We are almost in Montreal!!!"
Now, can you imagine that on an Air Canada flight? I have had great service on Air Canada...but never humour. Love West Jet.
Our cab driver did NOT speak English but no problems finding the place.
A mojito in the lounge here at the Hilton Bonavista is $11,24. YIKES!!
I promise better pictures tomorrow....kind of tired tonight after a very early morning.
I have to be up for breakfast at 0730 and a culinary tour of old Montreal at 0830. Forecast is for rain but I am hopeful for some great pictures. You know me and food photography....and architecture...I think they planned this tour just for me! (big smile) and my 5 Gb worth of memory cards.

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