Friday, 22 March 2013

Wacom Pen & Assorted Things

My new pen arrived and I have been editing my heart out for the past several days. :)
Pretty space age isn't it? Pressure sensitive on my Wacom tablet.
It works very well....  if you don't pull it apart. :(

But I took today off from photo editing.

Today I got the other stuff done - gym ( oh man am I out of shape), cleaners, picked up some paint - stuff like that. Then off to the grandgirls to run errands with them which included a little "wear your grandma out" shopping. Pushing carts with groceries and little ones thru the parking lots today is a work out in itself.

Eva spotted this hat and wore it most of the time we were shopping... so I bought it for her. It is a perfect sun hat for the warmer days coming soon!

Norah still has her cold which must feel terrible but she still gives me smiles.... and I still have to edit out the snot!

It was a busy day of getting stuff done and marked off the to do list.

I am ready for bed. But first I will share my yellow daffodils - Can Cancer Fundraiser.
They are so cheerful!

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