Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Norah's Eyes

Norah has such wonderful eyes. So expressive.
 I love this portrait of Norah. I am sending it off for printing because that is when you know if you really nailed it. My only regret is the vertical crop since the one of Eva I love so much is horizontal. I want to print them both perhaps on canvas for their bedroom and hang as a set but, well, I am going to have to think that one thru. Perhaps I can find one of the two of them and hang a set of 3.
Click on the photos to see them much larger.
Mark made the Winnipeg Firefighters Calendar for 2014. 
I took this photo before his try outs - you know, practice. :)

Eva on her 2nd birthday party. Love it! :)
A little bit of South Carolina

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