Saturday, 23 March 2013

More B&W


This is one of my favourite photos of Eva. Her expression is stunning and her eyes caught the lights perfectly. I couldn't have set up studio lighting any better then the natural lights coming in from the restaurant window. Taken last year at City Perks.
I love it when the perfect lighting presents itself along with the perfect subject with the perfect expression. I printed this one and it is, well, way better in print!

Please do click on each photo to see it in larger, clearer format.
 David patiently poses for me while I test my off camera flash.
 Love those glistening eyes.
 This graduate was on his way to play college baseball. I am using off camera lighting along with that huge diffuser in the sky - the cloud covering a bright sun. But the soft light overall gave fabulous detail.  Take a look at the hands and the detail in his jacket by clicking on the photo. Love it!
 I did not pose Eva for this one. Just caught her her in a thoughtful moment by the window..... which is why I love this photo.


allisonwhitehawk said...

I showed Eva that last picture and she had this big smile and then tried to recreate the pose. It was cute.

Julie Cortens said...

Time to get the studio lights up and get some one yr photos of Norah as well as some Eva photos now that she seems to be past they camera shy stage.