Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Beautiful Black & White

Really growing in love with monochromatic photography...

or maybe all this black is just  a pleasant change from the 8 ft snow piles in the front yard that mother nature is adding to as I type!! That is not an exaggeration - EIGHT feet!
 I think I need a martini!

so you know? I used water not Gin. I would never do this to Blue Sapphire. 

 Below is a Saskatoon Firefighter in the midst of fighting a fire last summer. It was a very hot day to be wearing all this equipment and heading into a burning house.

I plan to save this and frame it up after her first piano recital. 
I love the concentration. 

here ya go from my iPhone courtesy of Instagram..... those 8 ft piles in front of the house.

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