Saturday, 16 March 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes my birthday follows Norah's by one day. When she is all grown up the two of us will go out on the town together to celebrate but right now she is not quite getting the birthday thing. See yesterdays post.
But I do and I celebrated!
Had a photo shoot in the am - something I always love to do, an afternoon snooze and then supper at Carvers with my love!

Super dark in there - for you camera people I am shooting at a 6400 ISO and white balance set to K 2500. Then lots of noise reduction in LR4 Using a 50 mm prime at 1.4, shutter at 1/80th


How to take photos in a really dark restaurant.

Fresh clams and escargot to start along with my favourite Pinot Gris from Cedar Creek

 Rack of lamb for him,  prime rib for me... and David ordered a coconut, strawberry cheesecake to go with his coffee but not me. I had something special waiting at home....
 The Manz family dropped this off for me from Crave Cookies and Cupcakes on broadway.
And before they left the girls and I just had to sample the icing and add our own touch of decorating.
Which I think made this treat just perfect!

I shared it with Mr C. But I ate almost all the icing. :)
Had a wonderful day and enjoyed all the wonderful birthday wishes and phone calls.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Julie - great photos of you and David!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julie. Beautiful pictures of both of you.

Dale said...

Love the cupcake shot :) Glad you had a great birthday!