Thursday, 28 March 2013

Liars Dice

I have a big job ahead of me. sigh
It's a good job but it will take a while and could have more then a few frustrations and some serious learning curves. Hopefully not too many distractions either because I do want to get er done.
But I am looking forward to it.

I bought a new Mac.

And a HUGE thunderbolt storage system. I should be good until 2040. :)
My new Mac will be fast.
Very fast!

Which means 12 hours of editing can be reduced to less then 6. Time is $

I have Time Machine, so technically I cold just hook up time machine to the new mac and let er role installing all the old stuff on the new Mac and be up and running in no time.

However I think it is best to do a "clean" install. i.e. reinstall all my programs and their corresponding files anew and in doing so keep all the superfluous junk out of my nice new Mac.

I have over a Terabytes of photos alone which will go on the new external hard drive.

That's 1000 Gb

Thats 1,000,000 Mb

Thats 100,000,000 Kb

Thats 1,000,000,000,000 bytes

That's a lot of BIG photos.

Back up! back up! back up! - especially clients photos! When that bride coms to me in 10 years needing all her photos because they were somehow lost..... I will have them.

I will also now pay for  on line storage cause hard drives fail unfortunately.

That being said, I do need to go thru all my personal stuff and get rid of duplicates. Some of these PSD (photoshop files) are over 100 Mb each  I do NOT need 2 versions of them and why I ever had two of them I will never know. :)

So begins the process and 15 minutes into it I come across all the photos of Eva's first year of life - saved a few times and burned to disk for her Mom but well, I don't want to loose these.

And I got distracted......

Because here she is, maybe 6 months old sitting on her Daddy's lap and playing Liars dice around the kitchen table.

sorry if I have posted these before but gosh darn they are adorable.

Liars dice is a pirates game. It is about lying. It is about deceiving.

It is about screaming "YOU LIAR" when you think your opponent is lying.

And Eva was right in there!!

"What ya got Dad?"

"oh cool!"

Uncle Harold -   "4 sixes"

Eva - "Liar!!"

Okay i need to get back to the task at hand. :)

This could take a while!

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