Monday, 18 March 2013

Black & White

I used to believe that converting my photos to b&w was a simple press of a key. But in time I came to appreciate the beauty and subtleties of monochromatic photography, and I wondered why MY  photos didn't and couldn't look like the great Karsh! 

Black and white photos don't attract your attention because of the many colours. They attract your attention because of more subtle aspects like composition and lighting. Indeed, remove the colour and you now see the composition and lighting and many subtle tones much more easily. This is what I love about black and white. 

There are so many beautiful tones and bringing out the right ones is really an art. There is black and there is white, but there are hundreds of tones in between. Softness, harshness, tone intensity, contrast, structure, tints, grain, hue, vignette. 
Black and White is far more then ......well black and white. 

And so began my quest to create stunning black and white photos. 

I have a ways to go but here is a start. 

One day soon this bridge will be gone and I will put this photo on a canvas and sell it for a million bucks. :) (in my dreams)  Here it is when we were still allowed to walk on it.

Corp shoot today, family tomorrow, baby next week..... The year is ramping up and this must mean that SPRING is on the way despite 4 more inches of snow out there!

Off to shovel the stuff AGAIN!!

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