Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Girls!

My new computer arrived. Wow that was fast! So did my new hard drive.
The thunderbolt cables to connect the two of them are in Anchorage Alaska.
Go figure.

I picked up  a thunderbolt cable. For $30 and it allows me to get work transferring files this weekend and I have four days off between grandkids, meals and a few church gatherings.

The process of setting up the new computer has been a breeze - the new Mac communicates with the old. A few things have been copied over that I may delete, but for now I will leave them.
There have been a few glitches and I suspect a few more to come but we will work them out and hey I am posting to my blog from the new computer tonight so this is a good thing. The big external hard drive is chugging away as I type, transferring all my work photos (over 500GB of them) to the new thunderbolt drive.... only 3 hours to go....

Still backing up a few things on the old computer - just in case.
Monday if it is all working as I hope,  I will start the on line back up - because I work Tuesday and it will probably take a few days for that to happen. :) So the Mac and the online company can have at er while I am at work.

The girls!
They were over Thursday afternoon and came to the Good Friday service with us. And what a beautiful, meaningful and heart examining service it was. We were all very blessed.
I wish you all could have been there. A beautiful Gospel message and heart stirring music, a time to consider our sins and nail them to the cross (literally) and I time to reflect on what an incredible Saviour we have while sharing communion.

Eva enjoyed playing with the kitchen set in the 2 and 3 yr old room for the last half :) Norah sat on our lap and listened to the music.

For Thursdays visit to the house Eva played with grandpa's guitar and entertained us with her singing. She sang The Lollipop Tree song. It was priceless and I have it on video.

Okay here it is - no editing because I don't know how. Learning that is on my bucket list. When I have time.
Here are a few lines from the song so you get the theatrics.

Winter came and days grew cold (brrrrr)
And on my tree my lovely tree not one single lollipop grew (sad face)
From every branch the icicles hung the branches bare as bone. (brrrr)
But when I broke those icicles off, they turned into ICE CREAM CONES (insert eating ice cream cone)

ha ha ha
ho ho ho
What a place to be!
Under my Lollipop, lollipop, lollipop
lolly, lolly, lollipop tree!

Norah kept busy in the kitchen. Playing and getting into trouble.

"No grandma you can't see me and no I am not getting into the dishwasher detergent. So don't stop me because you can't see me."

Lunch at Montana's after church Friday.
It was a very peaceful lunch - Eva slept the whole time :) and Norah did what she loves to do - EAT!!

Eva woke up in time for ice cream and chocolate milk. :)

 Norah was full of grins and here she is playing peek-a-boo with the menu. And eating her ice cream cone.
 Back at the house helping Allison with a few errands, the girls were in great spirits. I am still editing out snot! But it is WAY, WAY faster on the new MAC. Can you see me grinning?

 Eva put her own hair band on.
"See Grandma? I can do it myself an it looks lovely!'

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