Thursday, 14 March 2013

Beautiful Saskatoon

I know we are ALL sick of the snow. We have shovelled it way too many time this winter and we are in for some spring melt and a few flooded basement.

But sometimes....


sometimes ...

It is beautiful!

Please click on the photo to see it larger cause it is much prettier that way. 

Here come the B&W's I warned you about.


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, Julie! Do you ever sell your prints? :) Love this one!


Julie Cortens said...

Absolutely Sherry! I was thinking this one might look very cool on a long narrow canvas in a rather modern decor. Click on "email me" above and we can talk about what might work - sizes and pricing. :)
Mostly I sell prints off my web site. But if you contact me directly I can crop and custom print on any medium for whatever would look best in your home.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I'll be in touch. Thanks for replying.