Thursday, 21 March 2013

Saskatoon Newborn Photography

Meet Griffin!
One handsome dude with two very busy sisters who both want to mother him just a little.
Poor Griffin.
Actually his sisters are beautiful little girls who just love him to pieces.
And love having their photos taken with their new brother.
I went over to Griffins house yesterday afternoon and captured a few moments in this growing families life.


Thelma Findlay said...

My goodness - the little tyke sure looks like his Daddy. Great pictures. And send congrats to the family - their story is strong and sure. What a little blessing for them.

Julie Cortens said...

Hi Thelma. Do you know this family and their story? Indeed, He has provided. I will pass on your congrats!

Thelma Findlay said...

The Munz family, right? Yes, I do know their story. Followed their blog for a little bit. They are a strong family. And are truly blessed.

Dale said...

Lovely photos of a lovely family.