Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Five layouts!!

Finally! Some scrap book pages. The pictures on my desk are piling up, especially the 221 I just got back from the Boxing Day sale at Don's!! Oh my - WHEN will they make it into the album!!!!

I decided to take a reprieve from the 2002 pictures...because I had all my Christmas photos organized and on my desk...not to mention all the Christmas paper out from my last project - Christmas cards.

So Christmas 2008 at our home is now captured.

Here we are experiencing all the JOY of Christmas morning.

Our Christmas dinner and into the evening game playing fun.

And finally some photos that capture our home over Christmas.

But... back to 2002...
Here is some great golf paper from Creative Imaginations. It is from the "Old Guys Rule" line but there is nothing OLD about these guys. Just some cool dudes ready for some "Tee Time". Love this paper and the Jolee's embellishment.

Alas - back to the 2002 pictures because I just HAVE to get them done. And 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 AND 2008.

I am determined to get caught up ...because I just have to. And I won't tell you why just yet...but soon.

On a more newsy note...
Number two son, Mark, my firefighter arrived home safely from Thompson last night. I am thankful to have him safely home after 11 hrs on the terrible northern highways and that following a 12 hr shift. Crazy guy, but he is home and will head back early Friday morning, hopefully with more sleep going into the trip home.
Mark is making this whirl wind trip for a job interview with Saskatoon Firefighting Dept tomorrow morning. If you have any connection...make them work. :)
I want this guy back home!!!

On other news, I am heading into five weeks of full time (plus) over the next six weeks. That's what happens when you work two jobs and holiday coverage is needed. I can do this!! I am not that old!!!
Don't expect much in the way of scrapbooking, but I do hope to post now and then because it is my little time of relaxing at the end of a hectic day when dinner is cleared from the table, the dishes done and a load of laundry is put on. This is where I relax until my head hits the keyboard (ouch). About a 20 minute span of time!

Blessings to each of you!

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