Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I'm pretending.

Another few days of minus 40's wind chills and I am using my remote start from the shower at the gym in the early mornings (almost). But we are getting a bit of a reprieve now.

To cope I am posting a few pictures that came to mind when Cheryl reminded me in her comment in my previous post, just how beautifully HOT it is in Mexico!!!

Since I am here and not there I am just going to reminisce a bit.

Ahhhhh ......Mexico 2007

Go ahead Cheryl - have another margarita for me...please! And bring some of that beautiful hot sun home with you!

Back to REALITY!!

This is for you Kate. Clocks - I know how you love em as much as I do. We unpacked them this afternoon at JSI - only three of them and I got one. All three clocks come in each package.

heidi swapp 6x6 transparency overlays - mini clocks. Brand new and very fun!
I am betting they don't last until Friday late night crop. I know I'll be using mine in no TIME. LOL

In other news, #2 son arrived home safely late tonight - as in 11:30 pm after 11 hrs on the road from Thompson, Manitoba. Glad to have him home. Wish he would leave at 8 in the morning when he does this!! I am now off to bed in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. I am thinking I may not make that 6am spin class at the gym in 6 hrs.



Kate said...

AH!!! WHAT?!? I was AT the LNC and I didn't even see them! Next time, set one aside for me please!!!

Julie Cortens said...

Will do Kate!

Hear that Laura? Set one aside to Kate if we get more in. Thanks.