Sunday, 25 January 2009

New stuff!

I have been working full time for the past two weeks and that means lunch comes out of a plastic container every day. Bringing my own lunch also means I frequently eat lunch at my desk, working because I have a very busy job and it gets stressful if I start getting I tend to work through my lunch and coffee breaks. Bad habit.

I made a promise to myself to stop doing this. And the easiest way to keep this promise is to not bring a lunch. The hunger makes me stop what I am doing, put on my coat and head out and pick something up. And I feel much better after this break.

I have two favorite lunch spots (besides Earls! ) One is Tim's because I can get the lunch soup and bun special for under $5 - wow. The other is a little place with yummy homemade soup and sandwiches that is located on the second floor of Charter House Interiors on first Ave at 24th st downtown. I posted about them on my family room reno post

Last Wednesday I called David at work and said - meet me there for a quick soup and sandwich - and it was quick - like 30 minutes. We both had to be back at the office for 1:00 pm meetings.

Now you have to walk through the store to get to the stairs to the second floor diner and there is always something that catches my eye and usually at a very good price. This speedy lunch date we happened to run into a sale - BOGO half price.

And look what I spotted!!!

Isn't this just funky cool? And it goes with my gecko's and tropical stuff.

David loved it too, soooo they put one in the back of my car to take home on trial. You have to love em at Charter House. Real customer service.

Well I took it home and wouldn't ya know, it was

The next day we bought the second one at half price - because they look so much better as a pair.

And that's not all. While we were there, we spotted this cool guy!

It was love at first site and when we both see something and look at each other and say - oh isn't that neat - it would look great on the shelf... well it is a done deal....

and he was on sale for $17 - so I grabbed him too.

He fits in there with the geckos and the tropical chairs. Nothing like a Parana in the family room. You can also put a candle in his mouth - haven't tried that yet but I think it will look pretty neat.

A bit of a conversation piece anyways. haha

I think I will stick with Tim's lunches or home made for a while.


Pam said...

love the chairs!!!
i still need to check that place neighbour just bought some great pictures there.

Julie Cortens said...

Pam, I love this place. it always something funky cool and different to spice up a room (you know - like that wow embellishment!)and at reasonable prices. It is also a bit like visiting the scrapbook store because every time I go in there it is all new stuff they have brought in - so it never gets boring!
Plan lunch while you are there.

Aspergertopia said...

Hi Julie,

We've never met, but a friend happened across your blog and sent me a link to your Charter House post.

My husband Paul works there, and I couldn't agree more, Charter House Interiors is pretty awesome.


Julie Cortens said...

Hi Jenn, so glad to have you visit. Your husband has helped me on several occasions - the last being loading those new chairs in my car.LOL
My new family room reno is full of stuff from Charter House. Check out
I enjoyed your site and all the wonderful crafts you do with your kids - they are two blessed little boys!