Friday, 16 January 2009

Who'd a thunk it!

Calvin's explanation of his Lemonade Stands business perspective.
It has a resonance to the Auto industry's position in the economy.

Click on the cartoon to have it open in full so you can read the print.

Do you think the government would consider subsidizing scrap booking? I mean, really, we are preserving our history for generations to come. What could be more important? Think of the tax payers money that goes into preserving artifacts, like rocks! Think of the public funds used to build huge museums and display collections of..... art.

Shouldn't society encourage this worthy pursuit of preservation of the family (pictures)?

Scrapbooking is a serious business! And when the word comes down that this month's household budget for food will supersede any new scrapbooking supplies....Well! Where are we to turn?
Government subsidies I say and why not? They love to hand out our money to anyone who asks.

Yes this is very serious!

Well it was, at least, until Paris Hilton decided to show up at CHA with her new line! Thanks to Kate for this link....

Your thoughts on a new line of scrapbooking supplies from Paris Hilton??? and on gov't subsidy for scrapbookers who have been stifled by the family budget keeper???


Laurie Bearce said...

lol I loved this post Julie! You crack me up!

Kate said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Where on earth do you come up with this stuff?!? Calvin...oh my WORD does that ever suit. Laughed my butt off. And I am 100% FOR your subsidized scrapbooking. I actually had to adhere to a strict CASH ONLY budget last Friday at JSI. How is that right I ask ya?!?'s highly overrated. I'd rather have the new Basic Grey. Oh, who am I kidding? If that were true I'd probably be thinner.