Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Got some pages done

Plugging along on 2002 - I now have 24 pages done from that year and I am only three months into the year.... oh dear this is going to take a while. I find it so hard to cut down. I could have done a single page on every one of these shots of Allison having dress-up time and swimming fun with her girlfriends. But alas, they all got squeezed into a two page spread.

The best part of these memories is that Allison kept her homeschooling journal while we were on this trip and I absolutely love her fun description of all the exciting things she did with her friends. There is no more meaningful journalling than that done at the moment of the event. I scanned her journals from her book and reprinted them on matching blue card stock.

This spread is celebrating my fathers 77th birthday while Allison and I visited Victoria in February of 2002. Dad is about to celebrate his 84th birthday next month!


Cheryl said...

nice pages, Julie. It's just too hot to do anything so I am sitting in the air conditioned lobby, checking emails and a few websites. I hear that it is really cold there! I will have another margarita for you!! I know that doesn't help you much, but it makes me feel better!!!LOL

Julie Cortens said...

No, no it helps a whole lot. Have another margarita for me!! Really, I feel better just thinking about it. And if it were really hot I would be in the pool floating on a nice floaty bed with a Banana Mama in my hand. Hmmm maybe I will post a picture of me doing just this...2006. Oh, has it been that long???